carmencs  /   January 8, 2024

Why is Location Important in Commercial Leasing?

Choosing the right location is important in the world of commercial leasing. Finding a space is not all; you must find the right space to grow your business. Choosing the wrong location may harm your reputation and business so, here is a comprehensive guide from CARMEN’s Corporate Real Estate experts to help you make an informed decision.

1. Site Selection

When we talk about commercial property, the key to success is site selection. The commercial properties that your business owns can make or break your business. A prime location attracts more foot traffic, enhances visibility, and creates a strong brand presence. Whether you have a retail store, restaurant, or office space, the right location can play a key role in your success.

a. Analyze Comparables

There are historical leasing and sales data for properties in the same area. By analyzing them, you can estimate the fair market value, negotiate efficiently, and make an informed decision about the property. They can also allow you to see market trends and market movements so that you can make your lease agreement strategically.

b. Look at Demographics

Demographics also play a vital role in location decisions. Figure out the people in the surrounding area; what are their beliefs, habits, and needs? These questions will tell you about the business potential in that particular area. For example, if you want to set up a luxury boutique, it will work the best in a high-profile area. On the other hand, a restaurant will work best in highly populated areas. Understanding demographics helps you to resonate your offer with locals and get more engagement and loyalty.

c. Location

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say “location” is a synonym of “commercial real estate”. Site selection is your foundation, while comparables and demographics help you in decision-making. As you start your journey in the exciting world of commercial real estate leasing, keep in mind that a good location isn’t just a space – it’s like investing money into your business success. So, choose carefully, and see your business thriving in no time.

2. Commercial Leasing Location Strategies

In the complicated world of commercial leasing, finding the right location is like discovering the North Star. It will show you the way to grow. The way we choose locations for business is changing, and new ideas keep coming to redefine how we pick a perfect spot for you. From groups of stores working together, to community centers in the suburbs, and places where people work and live together CARMEN can help you get every type of commercial property. Some of them are the following;

a. Retail Cluster Model

One cool idea for choosing where to put your business is the retail cluster model. Imagine a shopping area where fashion stores, accessory stores, and makeup places are at the same place. This idea makes a single spot for people to find everything they need, making it easy and fun to shop for longer.

b. Suburban Community Centers

Suburban community centers are also becoming popular in the world of commercial property leasing. These centers are in neighborhoods, offering a mix of stores like places to eat and things to do, etc. As more people want local experiences, these centers become hubs for socializing, shopping, and relaxing without going to busy city areas.

c. Retail Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops are a fun idea that brings surprise to the mix. These temporary shops show up in busy places for a limited time. Pop-ups create excitement and make people feel like they need to check it out quickly. They don’t want to miss out on something cool. Due to their limited availability, pop-up shops can boost sales for your business.

d. Co-Working and Co-Living Spaces

Commercial real estate leasing isn’t just about regular stores. Co-working and co-living spaces add a new way of thinking to it. These places are for freelancers, start-ups, and remote workers who want to be around others. Picking a spot near tech hubs can attract professionals looking for flexible places to work.

In Conclusion

Finding the right location for your business is the foundation of your success in commercial property leasing. CARMEN’s Corporate Real Estate experts understand the importance of strategic site selection, considering comparables and demographics. With our years of experience, we can help you choose the ideal location for your business. Contact us now to get the property of your dreams.