carmencs  /   February 23, 2024

What You Need to Know About Corporate Real Estate Consulting?

Table of Contents: –

  • Introduction
  • What a CRE consultant is responsible for?
  • Types of consulting
  • FAQs

A corporate real estate consultant provides expert advice if you are planning to purchase or develop a property. They usually work with big companies that invest in commercial real estate instead of residential buyers and sellers. They are also known as “real estate counselors” or “real estate advisors”. These experts usually have a special license and might even be called CRE, which means Counselors of Real Estate.

Think of them as a BTS (behind-the-scenes) team. They do a lot of homework to help their clients make good choices at every step of their project. Instead of just focusing on transactions, they make sure your overall investment is successful.

Corporate real estate consultants generally work for large consulting firms, or they work independently. The compensation depends on the work, but most get a fixed or hourly fee.

What’s the Responsibility of a Corporate Real Estate Consultant?

Corporate real estate consultants are guides who help you in decision-making by doing extensive research and industry knowledge. The first thing they do is have a meeting with you about your goals. Once the goals are clear, the consultant makes a plan to reach them in the best and most affordable way.

The consultant’s job can change based on the type of client they’re working with. For example, if they’re helping with a property development project, they might get hired before the land is chosen. The client trusts the consultant to check if the investment is a good idea.

To do this, our consultant at CARMEN Corporate Real Estate visits the potential site, meets with local real estate experts, and studies market trends.

Types of Consulting

Corporate real estate consultants usually focus on helping one kind of business, but some help different types of clients. Let’s look at some examples of the different kinds of consulting.

  • Property Development

Real estate consultants get hired to advise on commercial and real estate development projects. They help from the beginning to the end. This can include checking out possible spots for the project, making feasibility reports, and looking at competitors in the area.

People who work for developers, often have experience in sales or marketing. Developers want consultants to understand what buyers like, so they can make a property that stands out and is popular in the market.

Some real estate consultants may also team up with interior designers.

  • Real Estate Investors

People who want to include real estate in their portfolio might ask a corporate real estate consultant for help. In this role, the consultant studies the economy to make sure the investment is a smart financial choice for the investor.

They begin by checking the prices, supply, and how much people want (demand) the property type in that area. Then, they determine if the property can be sold easily in the current market.

All this research helps determine the risk of the investment and potential ROI. The consultant might also look at property evaluations and insurance plans to be sure everything is in order.

  • Consulting Firms

Big consulting companies provide many services to determine the value of development projects or real estate investments. They help out real estate investment trusts (REITs), investors, lenders, business owners, and groups that handle corporate real estate.

The consultants in these firms do careful checks, perform market analysis, and provide advice on leases and portfolios. They also help with portfolio positioning, and the strategy behind it, and use numbers to understand the finances better.


Q: What is the role of a corporate real estate consultant?

A corporate real estate consultant provides expert advice on property purchase or development, primarily for big companies involved in commercial real estate.

Q: How does a corporate real estate consultant help in decision-making?

They conduct extensive research, starting with a meeting to understand goals. With clear goals, consultants create a plan to achieve them most effectively and affordably.

Q: What types of clients do corporate real estate consultants typically work with?

Corporate real estate consultants generally work with large companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs), investors, lenders, and business owners involved in commercial real estate.

Q: What services do consulting firms offer in the real estate industry?

Consulting firms provide several services, including due diligence, market analysis, lease advisory, portfolio management, and assistance with real estate portfolio positioning, strategy, and financial analytics.

Q: How do real estate consultants assist property developers?

They advise on commercial and real estate development projects, from site selection to feasibility reports, helping developers create competitive properties appealing to buyers in the market.