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carmencs  /   November 1, 2023

Why Chicago Businesses Are Relocating to Indianapolis

Why Are Businesses from Chicago Moving to Indianapolis?

Many real estate companies are relocating from Chicago to Indianapolis recently. There are some reasons: it has more opportunities, is cheaper, and more business-friendly. This blog explores why, what, and how—why this is happening, what the benefits provided by Indianapolis are, and how CARMEN Corporate Real Estate Services can help.

Moving a business to another state or city is a big deal—with a lot of things to consider. But for real estate businesses in Chicago, thinking about a move to Indianapolis, the payoff is huge. It’s not about the money; it’s about opening new chances and finding better ways to get things done.

Why Indianapolis is Good for Real Estate Companies in Chicago?

1. Paying Less Taxes and Affordable Living

One big reason for moving is that taxes and living costs are way lower in Indianapolis compared to Chicago.

Taxes: Indiana offers an ideal business tax climate, while Illinois has some of the highest taxes around, like property and income taxes.

Cost of living: From housing prices to health care expenses, everything is more affordable in Indiana compared to Chicago, meaning that companies have a big opportunity to save on expenses and perhaps pass the buck savings onto customers.

2. A Strong and Growing Economy

Indianapolis has a very diversified and fast-growing economy. Their job sector mostly consists of manufacturing, large tech, and a small—but ever-growing—healthcare presence. This mix makes it a stable place to do business.

3. Skilled Workers and a Big Tech Scene

Indiana has excellent universities and trade schools. It produces ‘smart workers’—all perfect for any kind of technology company looking for competent staff.

Making the Move Easy with CARMEN Corporate Real Estate Consulting

That is not such a small thing, moving a business. Relocating a business to Indianapolis involves significant planning and benefits; CARMEN Corporate Real Estate can provide expert assistance. With our corporate consulting services, you get help with:

1. Finding the Right Place

Indianapolis provides the perfect location for commercial real estate businesses in search of just the perfect spot to set up. Whether it be an office downtown or space within the suburbs, knowing the area best will allow you to find ideal locations for your business.

2. Getting the Best Lease

Getting a good deal on your lease is key in terms of keeping the finances of your business healthy. Using our leasing knowledge, we make sure you get some of the best deals in lease terms out there.

3. Getting Tax Breaks

Indianapolis and the entire state of Indiana offer every type of tax break to real estate business owners. We can help you find these opportunities and benefit your business.

4. Planning the Move

Moving your business to a new city is something that involves very careful planning. We shall aid you in planning that takes care of every detail, and so your move gets to happen smoothly.

Indianapolis Is More Than Just a Business Hub

Indianapolis is more than just a business hub, it’s a way of life. One not only makes good money in Indianapolis but is also assured of a good standard of living that accompanies business opportunities. The city brings everything from its art, galleries, and museums down to food.

But that’s half or less the cost of living compared to Chicago, so you can sample what the city has to offer without completely emptying your wallet.

Why Indianapolis is Perfect for Chicago Businesses?

  1. Lower Taxes: Indiana has some of the lowest taxes in the country, and businesses don’t pay state taxes on their stuff. Illinois taxes are sky-high.
  2. Affordable Living Costs: Everything from housing to healthcare is way cheaper in Indiana compared to Chicago.
  3. Booming Economy: Indiana is blessed with a very strong and booming economy that spells stable jobs in plenty and opportunities for growth in huge numbers.
  4. Smart Workers and Tech Boom: So, these schools in Indiana give birth to smart-working students. Therefore, Indianapolis is growing to be one of the major centers for huge developments in the tech field, almost like Silicon Valley.
  5. Good Roads and Easy Access: The easy access of businesses to customers through the roads of Indianapolis and its central location makes moving around for business easy.
  6. Nice Politics: Compared to Chicago, Indianapolis is safer and has a government with favorable policies for corporate businesses including real estate.

How to Make the Move?

If considering the move of your Chicago-based business to Indianapolis, moving is quite alluring while the transition calls for strategic planning and field expertise. CARMEN Corporate Real Estate Services offers full knowledge of Chicago corporate real estate consulting to help you decide on a move.

What is keeping you from moving, anyway? Move to Indianapolis with CARMEN Corporate Real Estate. Bid the intimidating outlook in Chicago goodbye, and hello to the wide horizon of opportunities waiting for your real estate business in Indianapolis. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on discovering how CARMEN can help you make the move to Indianapolis. Your business success is number one on our list.